The funeral decoration as a final greeting, as a sign of respect and gratitude.

A last chance to show what a person meant to his or her life.

We will give you your dignified final greeting. Whether a small bouquet for laying down yourself, a classic wreath or the magnificent coffin bouquet. We are also happy to find the right option for you.

For all workpieces that cannot be specified in size classes, we have made a recommendation to you. This is based on experience, depending on the flowers used. A bouquet consisting mainly of Gerbera tends to be more favorable than with roses.

The fastest way to provide delivery information to Munich's North Cemetery. But also all other cemeteries in Munich and the surrounding area are supplied by us. Of course, you can pick up your workpiece at our shop after completion.

We also carry out the grinding pressure ourselves in our company. We will be happy to select a suitable loop for your workpiece. If you want to choose a version yourself, we have compiled some "a href="loop printing">information about printing techniques, colors and sizes.

To ensure a smooth and error-free process, please refer to the following "a href="Order Information">Notes.